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About Us

We have been providing dog training services since 1928. Our goal is to promote and advance responsible pet ownership and training for the dogs. We follow the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme, and our aim is to promote a high standard of responsible dog ownership to ensure that each dog will receive the best possible care and enjoy a fulfilled and happy life. We offer classes on most weekdays and train inside in our two heated and air conditioned training halls as well as outside in all weather conditions in our three secure, floodlit training rings. We offer Puppy, beginners, bronze, silver & gold Kennel Club GCDS and Rally classes as well. The Puppy Class is mostly aimed at young dogs under 6 months of age and continues on with progression available through our other classes. We firmly believe that the classes should be enjoyable for both dog and handler. We always welcome new members and if you are looking to build a sound loving relationship with your dog, we would be delighted to see you.